Glenburnie park gets upgrades

Kingston, ON, Canada / CKWS TV

The city is looking for input from area residents about their plans for Shannon’s Corners park in Glenburnie.
The public meeting gets underway this evening at 7 oc’lock at fire station number 8 on Unity road.
Starting this fall, the city plans to undertake a quarter million dollars worth of upgrades to the park.
Some of that work includes re-orienting the ball diamond, improving the lighting, and grading some of the land.
The biggest part of the project involves rotating the soft ball diamond about 180 degrees.

“It’s small in it’s current configuration, smaller than our sort of standard adult sized soft ball diamond and the park is small and the neighbours are close, there’s fly balls that can leave the park ,we’ve got new pathways and of course we don’t want to put people on pathways near fly balls.”

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