Kingstonians excited by canadian touch in playoffs

Kingston, ON, Canada / CKWS TV


NHL playoffs have officially begun and Kingston fans didn’t miss the chance to cheer on their favourite team.

“I, myself, am a Sen’s fan”
“My team is Calgary”
“Sen’s fan”
“I love Chicago”
“I’m cheering for the Leafs”

Randy Macauley/Bar Manager, Jack Astor’s Kingston:
“The atmosphere with everyone cheering and enjoying themselves, and colliding with all of the different teams coming together… It’s awesome!”

Hockey Fan:
“It’s a great experience to come out, drink with your friends, relax and enjoy the Canadian pastime.”

A local fan says it’s the best time to watch hockey.

Hockey Fan:
“The players give their all for two months, leave it all out on the ice, the playoff beards, the rivalries, the bragging rights…all that kind of stuff, right?
Just the extraordinary skill that we see played!”

This year is a big deal for fans on this side of the border.
5 Canadian franchises skated their way into playoffs…

Hockey Fan:
“That’s the first in a long time, it’s really great to see the Canadian teams doing so well… It’s a great step up from last year when none of them went in, so, I think it’s a great change for the Canadian culture for sure.”

Hockey Fan:
“I’m really excited to see which team is going to come out on top because not many of them are going to make it through the playoffs.”

Hockey Fan:
“I don’t think any of the teams finished really high, but I do think that Toronto has a good chance with Austin Matthews and Mitch Marner, and all them… the new rookies, I think they’re doing good.”

The last time 5 home land teams made it into post was back during the 2003 – 2004 season… but the last time a Canadian team won the Stanley Cup… Was in 1993.

Maybe this is our year?
Callie Warren, CKWS News, Kingston

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