Military Communications and Electronics Museum at CFB Kingston helps Commemorate Vimy Centennial

Kingston, ON, Canada / CKWS TV

As Vimy Week continues — we head to the Military Communications and Electronics Museum at CFB Kingston.     Mike Postovit has more on a special Vimy exhibit that has just opened.


With Vimy Week commemorations winding down over in Europe.     “Vimy Remembered” here in Kingston is just ramping up.     Years of planning and hard work have gone into the first world war exhibit — a multifaceted one featuring both high tech and more traditional displays.

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The Memorial Room has taken on a different look as ceramic poppies now dot the base of these extremely rare statues.

Annette Gillis/Curator

“To be a museum here in Kingston and to have within your collection three of the original plaster models that were used to actually build the Vimy Memorial in France is just an incredible thing.

Looking for a more hands on experience — this is a battlefield floor map where you get a feel for the movement of the troops.

David McCarey/Museum Education Coordinator

“Canadian brigades and Canadian units were able to move and make great gains over here on the right flank as well. ”

From the floor map — the next step is this — this is a 3-D interactive map created at Nipissing University.


“It brings a lot of great potential for understanding the role that signals personal had during the Battle of Vimy Ridge and understanding the individual Canadian Soldiers story. ”

Next to the map — this 3-D animated video created by Kingston’s Paul Amirult.


“It’s very difficult when we don’t have a lot of actual footage from the period to visualize Vimy Ridge so this actually helps us to do so, especially with regards to the signals technology and the role signalers played during the operation.”

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“We’re not going to hoard it or hide it — it’s for everyone to use — it will definitely be on line and available for anyone to use and understand Vimy Ridge.”


“We also highlight a number very historically significant signalers and their role in the Battle of Vimy along with some very rare signals equipment that you don’t normally see.”

The Vimy exhibit will be in place at the Communications and Electronics Museum at CFB Kingston for a full year.     Mike Postovit CKWS News, Kingston.

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