Critical care beds to reopen at BGH

Kingston, ON, Canada / CKWS TV

Brockville –  Brockville General Hospital will soon have a fully functioning intensive care unit.  Patients facing immediate life threatening health conditions are normally sent to the ICU.
The unit can care for up to 9-patients at a time.  But due to a shortage of specialized staff – the hospital decided in January it could only accommodate 6-patients at a time.  That’s when officials decided to recruit for the department and provide critical care nurse training.  Because of those efforts – starting April 22 — the ICU will be able to operate at 100-percent capacity again.

Julie Caffin/Vice President & Chief Nursing Officer
“Some of the staff are actually staff that used to work in the ICU and they went to other areas and now they’re coming back so they already possess that skill set to be able to work there. We also through the ministry of health have been able to offer some critical care nurse training so we’re able to take some newer nurses, some nurses who are mid career and give them that skill set needed to work in the ICU.”


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