Downtown stores open on stat holidays

Kingston, ON, Canada / CKWS TV

KINGSTON – Typically on a long weekend you’ll see a lot of this — signs that read closed for the holiday.
But on this Easter weekend many were surprised to see several stores open in Downtown Kingston.
The owner of Cloth Clothing says earlier in the week she received several phone calls from people out of town requesting she open on the holiday — so she gladly obliged.
Cheryl Walker/Owner, Cloth Clothing:
“This is the first time I’m open on the Friday. I’ve given my staff the day off. I’d like them to have it off– so I came in myself. I’m open until 3 so it’s not too bad.”
Heather Senoran/Videographer:
“Back in the spring of 2016, after lengthy debate, councillors around the horseshoe decided to vote in favour of the new stat holiday shopping rules. Which means now downtown business owners have the option to open on holidays like Easter, Christmas, New Years and Family Day. Before that downtown retail shopping on stat holidays was only allowed between May and October.”
Mc Mahon’s House of Flowers has been a staple in Downtown Kingston for decades. The store owner Rob Mac Mahon says florists were exempt from the former stat holiday rule…
which Mc Mahon says is a good thing — As Easter weekend pulls in about 40 percent more sales compared to a regular weekend.
Rob Mc Mahon/Owner, Mc Mahon’s House of Flowers:
“From us, mostly design work. Spring flowers in vases and containers, basket arrangement, that kind of thing…a few plants.” Over at the book store Novel Idea, staff say while business isn’t exactly booming for them, it’s nice to have the option to open.
Salma Eldessouky/Employee, Novel Idea:
“Not everyone celebrates the holiday so it’s good to have some stores open.”
While Princess Street was bustling throughout the afternoon, some offered mixed reviews on Stat holiday shopping.
“It’s nice that there is open stores so if you wanted to check something out you can.”
“I think it’s a little unfortunate for those that have to work. It is a holiday. If we can’t go one day without shopping…it’s kind of sad.”
For now, the Stat holiday shopping by law is exclusive to the Downtown B-I-A and does not apply to the rest of the city.

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