Kingston’s Martha’s Table hosting Special Easter Meal

Kingston, ON, Canada / CKWS TV

Many of Kingston’s less fortunate aren’t being forgotten on this holiday Monday.     Martha’s Table is just wrapping up a special Easter meal.     Dozens turned out at the Princess Street location for a ham and turkey dinner.     Here’s Mike Postovit.


Prepping for a meal.     That’s nothing new here at Martha’s Table.     However Christmas, Thanksgiving and now Easter — 3 special dates where different rules apply.

Cindy Carr/Volunteer Coordinator/Kitchen Supervisor
“During the regular week our meals are a dollar — it’s a low cost restaurant — on our holidays we like to offer the meal for free.”

And helping to make that free meal — countless volunteers.     People willing to give freely of their time to help those less fortunate.

Betty Holthaus/Volunteer

“I knew they needed a lot of people — I usually come in on Friday, but I knew that they needed people today — so I came in today.”

Betty Holthaus began her volunteering here at Martha’s Table last fall.


“Why?     I retired from a long career about a year and a half ago and I was looking for something meaningful to do.     I think this is a wonderful organization who’s mission is to help people and do it with dignity and i just think that that’s a wonderful thing to be a part of.”

Reece Barrett/Volunteer

“I didn’t get to see my family this weekend — but if I can help-out other people, that would be great too.”

That’s Reece Barrett — he’s a 1st year police foundations student at St. Lawrence College.


“It’s good to get out in the community a little bit and being in Kingston — I want to try to expand my volunteering service.     I’ve done a little bit in Collingwood but not as much as I would like — so coming here every now and then — it’s a great experience.”

Not only a great experience — but a chance to help-out especially on a holiday.


“Holidays are tough for a lot of people — and this is a great place to come and feel like you’re still participating in the holiday but in some ways you’re doing it on your own terms and also just feeling like you have a spot when you come to Martha’s.     There’s always something that we can find for you if you come and volunteer here.”

This marks 20 years of providing nutritious meals at Martha’s Table — however that doesn’t happen with-out the work of the hundreds of volunteers.     Mike Postovit CKWS News Kingston.

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