Lake Ontario Park sign vandalized

Kingston, ON, Canada / CKWS TV

Dozens of people were at Lake Ontario Park today enjoying the nice weather and the holiday Monday.
But they also had to contend with vandalism and garbage at the park.
This waterfront sign was torn and damaged ….. and it appears someone was misusing the rescue buoy.
In another spot, garBge was jammed into a barbeque grill.
Park users say it’s disappointing to see the vandalism and garbage.

“The garbage and the vandalism it takes away from everybody, one thing people could do is carry a garbage bag with them and pick up as they go and maybe that will spread the word to not put it down there in the first place.”
“This is everybody’s park I enjoy coming here I live fairly close by and I know the other people do to and it’s upsetting that some people don’t care.”

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