Two families displaced after Carrying Place fire rips through a home on a farm

Kingston, ON, Canada / CKWS TV

CARRYING PLACE – “It doesn’t even look like a house anymore.”
Beth Jones jolted out of bed just after 6:30 AM on the Saturday of Easter weekend to a haunting sight — clouds of smoke.
Beth Jones/Fire Victim:
“So I started screaming fire, fire fire! All of the adults got the kids and as many animals as we could.
Unfortunately THIS TIME, we’ve lost 3 cats and our male rottweiler.”
Shockingly, Jones just went through an eerily similar situation less than 3 weeks ago, when her home burned to the ground on Wooler Road.  She was taking shelter in her friend’s house …
and now, she’s re-living the nightmare.
“Within two minutes the smoke went from about 6 feet high to about a foot and half from the ground black. So that means if you weren’t belly crawling you were dead.”
Jones and her husband escaped the burning building quickly, as did the home owner and home owner’s two young grand children who were visiting at the time.
The house sits on a 40 acre farm off Loyalist Parkway in Carrying Place just outside Prince Edward County.
Fire crews were able to contain the blaze and douse the flames quickly, saving the many farm animals on site, and some of the pets in the home.
Heather Senoran/Videographer:
“Jones says their biggest concern right now is that they’re quickly running out of hay for the animals. The bulk of it was destroyed in the fire — either by the flames or water damage. Since they don’t have their keys, they can’t get into their vehicles to get more and since they don’t have their cell phones they can’t phone friends for help.”
Jones, her husband and the home owner are now staying on a small trailer on the farm.
They’re staying on site to care for a horse that will soon give birth.
Fire officials estimate close to 250 thousand dollars in damage, and say the cause of the fire in still unknown.
The home owner does have insurance, and a larger mobile home will be brought in over the next few days while both families try to get back on their feet.
While Jones says it’s been an emotional and tragic few weeks she’s glad they have each other to lean on.
“We’re close. We cry on each other’s shoulders. We yell at each other.
Whatever we need to do.You just function…but don’t keep it in.”

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