It was All About Music at Queen’s Isabel Bader Centre

Kingston, ON, Canada / CKWS TV

Music was the order of the day at the Isabel Bader Centre in Kingston.     This was the inaugural Queen’s School of Music Band Festival.     Mike Postovit has more.


Concerts, clinics and workshops — that and more packed into a very busy day.     Welcome to the inaugural “Dan” School of Music Band Festival.

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Over 200 high school students from across Southern Ontario were on hand for the event.

Gordon Craig/Queen’s Music

“They have to come, they have to play, they have to have fun.     They have to present themselves well — they have to learn something new — one or two or three or four things.     They have to experience some sort of new ideas in the pieces they’re playing and they have to come and learn a piece and present it on stage.”

There is a tie that binds at the festival as all 5 participating schools — have Queen’s music alumni leading their respective bands.

Jason Sinkus/Sr Concert Band Director

“Being able to perform for my past professors and being able to perform for graduate students, friends and family — everything’s coming together this is just a great homecoming.”

Sinkus is at Canterbury High School in Ottawa.


“You don’t know what game day is going to bring.     The same thing with every performance — that’s what’s so great about our art form — it’s never going to be prefect so you’re always striving for it and you see a real test of the character and the musicianship of the students — what do they do when they make a mistake and after they make a mistake — that’s where they really start to mature as individuals.”

Christine Barstow/Napanee S.S. Music Teacher

“It’s great because we rehearse in our music rooms — and they listen to the same person all the time and when somebody says the same thing that we’ve been telling them for months — it’s like, she was right — I should actually pay attention to what she was saying.     And it’s just really great for them to get out of the classroom and to come and play somewhere new.”

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The 1st ever Queen’s Music Festival — destined to write a score of it’s own.     Mike Postovit, CKWS News, Kingston.

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