Local reaction to cannabis legalization

Kingston, ON, Canada / CKWS TV

In a little over a year from now the federal government says marijuana will be legal for recreational use in Canada.
The Liberals introduced the legislation earlier this month but as Darryn Davis found out, the new law has created as many questions as it has answers….


The federal Liberal government introduced legislation to legalize marijuana this month and say it should come into effect by Canada day 2018.
M.P. Mark Gerretsen says prohibition hasn’t worked so it’s better to control and regulate the substance.
“So that we know what’s going into it, so that we can get money out of the black market and organized crime and so that we can make sure that those who do access it are doing it in a responsible way. ”
But the new legislation leaves many aspects up to the provinces.
Only licensed producers can grow marijuana but currently it’s not clear who will be able to sell it.
“LCBO but for cannabis so a CBCO or whether or not they’re going to allow stores like ours to sell cannabis that sort of remains to be seen.”
There are also enforcement questions still to be answered for police forces across the province.
Kingston police say until they get further information they will continue to assess motorists as they have in the past which starts with a roadside sobriety test.
“Were you’re walking a line and the officers looking at your eyes and you’re holding a foot up in the air those types of tests. ”
Te government is looking at the possibility of using a road side saliva test.
“Tose haven’t been legalized yet, Otario is working toward defining which device they may or may not use and how that will actually fit into the laws. ”
“Ad what is the legal level of marijuana someone can have in their system while operating a vehicle.
The current legislation doesn’t spell that out yet but it’s something Gerretsen says the federal government will be tackling in the coming months. ”
“That’s what the committee will study once this bill passes and goes to committee for study. ”
The cannabis legislation includes stiffer penalties for anyone caught selling to minors or driving while impaired.
Darryn Davis CKWS news Kingston.

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