Reducing lanes to make room for the Bath Bikeway Project

Kingston, ON, Canada / CKWS TV

KINGSTON – The Boat Warehouse has been a staple on Bath Road since 1990.
A dozen boats get hauled to and from the site every day … some as long as 70 feet.
But now employees are worried that it could be difficult to navigate around the property… if this section of Bath Road is reduced from 4 lanes to 2.

Jake Mayhew/The Boat Warehouse:
“Construction is going to slow everything down too. Doesn’t make it easy for us to get in and out or for customers to get in and out. We could lose business because of that.”

The city is planning to eliminate 2 travel lanes on the busy road to make room for a million dollar project to install bike lanes.

Heather Senoran:
“City officials say because of the high volume of traffic at both Coverdale Drive and Bath Road and Collins Bay Road and Bath, the lane reductions will not be implemented at both intersections… instead it will start about here by the overpass until the curve east of Collins Bay Road.”

Some motorists say they aren’t impressed with the permanent lane reductions.

“If they’re going to take this and turn it down to 2 lanes it’s just going to increase the congestion on the highway itself which as you can see is quiet busy and there’s a lot of traffic movement here.”

The owner of this bicycle shop says the benefits of dedicated bike lanes will be tremendous — and it’ll be safer for cyclists.

Sheila Gardener/J&J Cycle:
” Whenever a car comes close… you can feel it on your bike that they’re too close and it’s never a good feeling.”

The city says it has a plan to help Riley’s Garden Centre — which can get busy in the spring and summer… by allowing customers to park on the south side of Bath Road without impeding the cyclists.

Adam Hardy/City Engineer:
“We’ve created the space in order to create a ‘lay by’ parking area specifically for parking vehicles… we’re going to updating the parking by law — we’re going to amend it — to allow parking in this area.”

Constriction of the bikeway is expected to start this summer.
While councillors support active transportation — it’s unclear whether they’ll adopt the staff recommendation to remove 2 lanes from a busy road.

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