Summer camp for dogs

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Summer camp for dogs

It’s a summer camp designed for man’s best friend…and it’s taking place this summer at St. Lawrence College. “Mr Spot Dog Camp” is unique to Ontario — and teaches pooches a variety of tips and tricks.
For pet owners who’ve always wanted to try a variety of dog-sports, this is the camp for you.
It’s called Mr Spot Dog Camp and it’s a week long program that teaches everything from loose leash walking to rally obedience.
Genny Landis, Camp organizer:
“The camp is all about having fun with your dog so it’s an opportunity to spend a week just playing and learning different skills with your dog. Different activities that you may not even have heard about or you may be surprised that your dog may really enjoy.”

Genny Landis is the organizer of the camp, now in its third year.
She says the week long event attracts dozens of people to the Limestone City and is a great bonding experience for dogs and their owners.

Genny Landis, Camp organizer:
“We’ve got people coming back for the third time so that’s a lot of fun. Because again you make friends and people make friends and it’s nice to see them again since some are coming from great distances.”

The all inclusive camp runs from July 9th to 15th — people and their pooches stay in the dorm rooms at St Lawrence College and the event is held on the campus grounds.
Each participant pays anywhere from 800 to 13 hundred dollars.  It’s open to anyone and there are no limitations when it comes to the dogs or their trainers.

Dina Abbott, Instructor:
“You can have dogs that are actually handicapped in some way. I’ve judged three legged dogs, I’ve also judged blind handlers.”

Running through this course is 12 year old Jayda. She recently lost her hearing and is visually impaired….but that hasn’t stopped the Shetland Sheepdog from learning and competing.
Maegen Kulchar:
“The main goal of the camp is to not only teach dogs new tricks, but to also learn lifelong skills and have fun.
Maegen Kulchar CKWS News Kingston.”

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