Award winning announcer Tim Baltz

Kingston, ON, Canada / CKWS TV

The local stock car season is just weeks away….the track announcer at the Brockville Speedway—Tim Baltz….can’t wait to call the action….

Tim Baltz/ Announcing
Here they are–4 wide for dirt car pride–the big block modify in the super dirt car series!!!!!

Thats the booming voice of Kingston’s Tim Baltz….

Tim Baltz/

“I’ve had a passion for it since I was a little kid–I was involved in public speaking competitions and stuff like that in the past and the racing thing came second nature to me–I was always paying attention to what the announcers were saying–I’ve been in a race car, I know what goes on so I’m able to look at it from a drivers perspective and look at it from an announcer’s perspective too and here I am–17 years later… was one of those things that came natural to me at first–I listened to radio broadcasts and watching television…the studying came a little while after because every year I wanted to learn more…and a lot of the stuff that I studied–I lived through a lot of it too..I can say something about a driver or a race in the past and everybody will go, whow, where did you come up with that and I say I lived it–I was there.”

Baltz calls the races at several tracks in Canada and the United States but its the Brockville Speedway that he calls home


“I enjoy being at Brockville because the comraderie between the employees..its a small group of people, Paul and Cheryl Kirkland are two of the most dedicated promoters in racing–they do it all by themselves…we all have a tight bond at Brockville Speedway and I’m looking forward to getting back there and getting on the mike once again for another good season.”

2016 was a special year for the popular race caller..he was named the North American short-track announcer of the year


“I was one of 22 announcers nominated for this award and the guy that I topped this year had won it the previous 2-years so it was kind of neat–it was a fan vote and really I’m forever indebted to the fans because really without them this would’nt have been possible.”

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