Second draft of North King’s Town revamp revealed

Kingston, ON, Canada / CKWS TV

KINGSTON-Anne Lougheed has lived in North King’s Town for almost 2 decades… she says she’s pleased with the city’s second draft vision for the area.
Anne Lougheed/Kingston Resident:
“I’m happy to see that this report recommends protection of green space and waterfront and there’s an emphasis on active transportation and options.”
A vast improvement from the city’s first draft, according to Loughheed — as this one doesn’t include the controversial Wellington Street extension.
“It would be great if we could just snap our fingers and have it disappear from all the city documents but this is a way forward.”
City officials say while this report echoes the community’s displeasure for the extension — that doesn’t mean it’s scrapped forever…but rather alternatives will be looked at in the next steps of the project which includes a transportation study.
Greg Newman/Manager of Policy Planning, City of Kingston:
“Part of that study has to evaluate how we can live without the Wellington Street Extension and how we can manage growth and change in that area without that road network or that connection.”
The next part of the project will also include a land use plan, servicing plan and financial implementation — but not before it goes to the planning committee and city council in the next few months.
Heather Senoran/Videographer:
“While this is the final public open house, community members can still voice their opinions until April 24th, by reaching out to the city’s Senior Planner.”
Many Kingstonians say they are glad that public consultation plays a significant role in this process, allowing their voices to be heard.
Graham Lodge/Kingston Resident:
“Because we’re planning on intensification of downtown and downtown area and there’s lots of opportunities for here so we just want to make sure it’s done properly.”
So far plans for the revitalization of North King’s Town includes an innovation hub north of Doug Fluhrer Park and greater public access to the waterfront via multi-use paths.

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