Sydenham Street United Church launched fundraising campaign

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Sydenham Street United Church launched their Spire campaign today.
The fundraising effort has a goal of 1.5 million dollars to make the church more accessible to the entire community.
Darryn Davis has more.

The Sydenham Street United Church is more than a place of worship it’s also home to a wide range of community groups in the region.
“The Reel Out arts project is here with it’s library, cantabile choir has an office and performs and rehearses here, kingston association of museums. ”
And Friends of the Spire are hoping to build on that.
Tthere are three halls in the church the largest has a capacity of 200 people, something Hutchison says has been of interest to the business and hospitality community.
“Sometimes they have people that want to hold a convention here they want a 200 person hall and the hotel in question in fact does not have a space like that.”
But to take advantage of developing new partnerships they need to renovate.
Current plans include improving the ramp access to the church, increasing the number of washrooms and making them accessible, and installing an elevator for access to the second floor.
Friends of the spire announced the beginning of their public campaign to raise 1.5 million dollars to attain that goal.
Over the last several years the congregation has raised 600 thousand dollars which was aided by a 50 thousand dollar federal grant and another 30 thousand dollars from the Rick Hansen foundation.
“Being able to get into a church like this or a facility is wonderful because then we feel connected with the community and included.”up
“About 1 million dollars of the million and a half fundraising goal will be set up as an endowment fund for future projects and the long term sustainability of the building. ”
“To support small capitol projects and the regular maintenance that you need on an old building so we’re looking at the longer term here.”
Friends of the spire say construction is set to begin this May and should be complete sometime in September.
Darryn Davis CKWS news Kingston.

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