Topsy Farms gears up for lamb fostering with the public

Kingston, ON, Canada / CKWS TV
Topsy Farms gears up for lamb fostering with the public

The lambs at Topsy Farms haven’t been born yet — but Laurie Barkun and her girls Olivia and Ellie can hardly wait.

Laurie Barkun:
“They learn so much. they learn about empathy and learn about being careful and cautious and nurturing and how to take in their environment and respond to it.”

Last year the family became foster parents to “Brooklyn” — one of the many baby lambs in need of extra care. Barkun calls it a wonderful experience, especially for Ellie, who has autism.

Laurie Barkun:
“We watch this footage of her all the time of her saying lamb and baby and so cute. And those are things she wouldn’t normally say at that point. She hadn’t really come out at that point. We really think too though that the environment is really calm and serene–it’s just so non-threatening and she came out of her shell.”

Jonna Semple:
“Lambing season begins May 14th and continues throughout the rest of the month. Almost immediately the public is invited to come out and feed the lambs as well as sponsor those in need of fostering.”

Kyle Murray- Topsy Farms
“A lambs always best staying with its mother as long as the mother is able to take care of it. So the whole idea is identifying lambs that aren’t going to be well taken care of and that can happen because the mother dies or because she was negligent.”

Lambs removed from the flock are the ones the public can virtually adopt and interact with.
Adopting means you receive a birth announcement, photos and its back story but you don’t have to adopt a lamb to get up close and personal with them.

Kyle Murray- Topsy Farms
“We ask people to pay a small fee and show up at the predetermined time and it’s good for the lambs, good for the people, especially for the children who aren’t use to being on a farm.”

Children like Olivia and Ellie–who already have their names picked out for their lamb this year–Trexie or Skippy.
Jonna Semple, CKWS News Amherst Island


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