Steering students in a creative direction for Bike Day at KCVI

Kingston, ON, Canada / CKWS TV

KINGSTON – The wheels are set in motion at the KCVI library … as it’s been transformed into a bike repair shop.
Grade 11 student Theo Vissers has been working on bikes with his father since he was about 9 years old.
“I just love working around bikes and riding bikes.”
Now he has all the right tools to help other students learn the tricks of the trade during the school’s inaugural Maker Space event also known as ‘Bike Day’.
Theo Vissers/Grade 11 KCVI Student:
“You want to check that your tires are inflated obviously. Make sure that your brakes are working and it’s not skipping and make sure that you’re able to get around. So that you’re able to steer. ”
Joanne Whitefield/Teacher and Librarian at KCVI:
“The idea for them today is to see all the technology that’s involved in a bike. To learn something about safety and who in their school and their community can help them with their bikes.”
Heather Senoran/Videographer:
“To help with the event today is Yellow Bike Action. Yellow Bike is a non-profit community bike recycling organization that not only offers affordable bike parts and services but also serves as a education facility — where the public can come in to learn about bike maintenance.”
Community members volunteered their time to steer students in the right direction.
Michael Pomery/Co-Chair, Yellow Bike Action:
“That’s why we have displays like this. To show that there’s all kinds of different chain ring sizes. All kinds of different brake styles.”
The bike shop wasn’t the only hands on activity.
The cycling theme was worked into every subject — like here in Ms. Munro’s art class.
Kyla Munro/Art Teacher at KCVI:
“One group from this morning’s class has come up with a clock idea. One of my students has been creating with old chain a little work of art and these guys my grade 9’s are doing some streamers.”
And for gym class — bike games like this cycling version of Musical Chairs.
Teachers say the first Maker Space event at the school won’t be the last — as it’s more than just a space… it’s a mind set.
Aiming to fuel student curiosity while promoting teamwork.

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