Earth Day 2017 goes Tomorrow with Activities Planned for Kingston

Kingston, ON, Canada / CKWS TV

Tomorrow is Earth Day — a time to increase our environmental awareness.     It’s actually a tradition that started in the United States back in the 1970’s and has been in Canada for the last 25 years.     Several activities will be held in Kingston.     Here’s Mike Postovit.


Whether you pitch-in by picking-up garbage — take a bus, ride a bike or use less electricity.     The purpose of Earth Day is to get both young and old thinking about what they can do to help the environment.

Prof. Ryan Danby/Queen’s School of Environmental Studies

“I think the idea of everybody doing their bit for the planet has become a bit more entrenched in our day to day lives.     The mantra 20 years ago was Earth Day should be every day and I think that is maybe taking hold a bit more.”

And Danby says that’s good.     Sustainable Kingston agrees.

Joanna Piernicka/Sustainable Kingston Events Manager

“We’re celebrating Earth Day by having Earth Day in the park.”

That 2 hour event begins at 10 am right here at McBurney Park.     It’s also the kick-off to Pitch-In Kingston.


“Pitch-In’s a great opportunity to show your pride for your community — it should definitely not only happen on one day — it should definitely go behind one week — it should happen every single day.”

As for Danby and a few of his students — it’s all about effort.     Making the effort to change and being more aware of the environment.


“I think a lot of the things we talk about at broader levels — climate change and so forth seem so far away from people and they feel that they can’t make a difference but they can, just by adjusting small things in their day to day lives.”

Mike Postovit, CKWS News, Kingston

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