Elton John returns to Kingston

Kingston, ON, Canada / CKWS TV
Elton John returns to Kingston

The legend himself will be returning to Kingston November 14th.

Lynn Carlotto- General Manager KROCK
“The most commonly asked question since I’ve been here is ‘When is Elton John coming back? So we’ve finally been able to say it’s Tuesday November 14th.”

Jonna Semple:
“Kingston is one of only two Ontario locations that will host the music legend this fall.
It’s a concert guaranteed to garner a lot of interest–meaning it’s likely the average fan will be competing against Scalper Bots– software that can buy hundreds of tickets at once that then get resold on third party sites. ”

“You can’t get them. If you’re not right there as soon as they open, they’re sold out within minutes and no body gets a ticket.”

And while Ticketmaster managed to block billions of bots last year alone… stopping scalping technology is an issue Sophie Kiwala is passionate about. ¬†Last September Kingston’s MPP introduced the Ticket Speculation Amendment Act–after thousands of Tragically Hip fans were forced to pay highly inflated prices for the bad’s 2016 summer tour. ¬† The legislation would make the software that bypasses ticket security…illegal.

Sophie Kiwala, MPP Kingston & The Islands
“We are going to get there, we will make sure the legislation is as responsive as possible to the issues that we have in the industry and the end result is going to be that more Ontarians will have better access and more affordable tickets and that’s exactly what needs to happen.”

But those changes aren’t expected to be in place until 2018, too late for Elton John’s tour.
And some fans aren’t convinced the government will be able to solve the problem completely.

Streeter 2
“We can stop it in Ontario and Canada but we can’t stop it offshore or in the U.S. and that’s where they’re operating from, so you’ll just have to pay the price if you want to go.”

Tickets for Elton John’s Kingston Show go on sale online at 10am this Friday (May 12) and range from 85 to 185 dollars, though those who lose out to ticket bots will end up paying much more to see the legend in person.
Jonna Semple, CKWS News Kingston.

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