Flood warning remains in effect for Kingston

Kingston, ON, Canada / CKWS TV
Flood warning remains in effect for Kingston

A flood warning remains in effect for many parts of our region. ¬†Above normal rain through April — combined with record rainfall over the first week of may — is causing very high water levels in lakes and rivers.

The rain initially started on May 1st and only started to let up on Sunday.
Over 170 millimetres of rain has fallen throughout the Kingston region — and it has caused a headache for commuters.
Numerous roads were closed over the weekend, including Abbey Dawn and Front Road due to flooding.
In fact at one point the Front Road bridge was so submerged that fish could be seen swimming across it.
Since then some of the water has subsided and around noon on Monday, Front Road was reopened.
According to the Cataraqui Region Conservation Authority, the city hasn’t seen water levels this high since 2014 during a “one in 100 year event.”
Andrew Schmidt, CRCA:
“Personally I’ve never seen this culvert run full.”
Andrew Schmidt is referring to Collins Creek along Perth Road — another area that fell victim to flooding and is being monitored by the CRCA.
Andrew Schmidt, CRCA:
“We’re sending out two crews, that are going out and measuring water levels and checking dams and culvert crossings and various areas just to document the high water that is occurring.”
The increase in water is not only affecting roadways, but the waterways as well.
The Glenora Ferry has been out of service since Friday and the high levels of water is also damaging the waterfront.
Krista Fazackerley/ Cataraqui Region Conservation Authority:
“Shoreline damage and erosion is a big impact right now with the high water levels.
So, people’s docks, any structures in flood plains or low lying areas… that’s going to be a concern.”
Over the weekend the city was preparing for the worst, as many backyards transformed into mini lakes. but in the end they only had to hand out a couple hundred sandbags. Lanie Hurdle:
“We haven’t had many calls from the public in terms of concerns for their property and also a few requests for sandbags from a few members of the public, but it hasn’t been significant in terms of volume.”
Another 10 to 20 millimetres of rain is expected to fall this week and officials are asking residents to watch updates, as they are constantly releasing new closures, warnings, and other information.
Maegen Kulchar CKWS News, Kingston.

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