Training with young sea cadets at RCSCC St. Lawrence

Kingston, ON, Canada / CKWS TV

KINGSTON – At only 17 years old, Thomas Anstey has been appointed ‘Coxswain’ — and will head up the Royal Canadian Sea Cadet Corps St.Lawrence.
Big shoes to fill as he responsible to the commanding officer for the well-being of these cadets.
Thomas Anstey/Coxswain:
“I believe it’s a great program that’s incredibly fun and it teaches you a great sense of family and teaches you a lot of teamwork.”
Anstey started the program when he was only 12 years old — the same age as this newcomer Ethan Sutton.
Sutton is starting to get the hang of practicing drill.
Ethan Sutton/Cadet:
“When they call attention you have to like put your feet in a V shape. When you’re at ease, hands behind your back, hands separated.”
Heather Senoran/Videographer:
“The Sea Cadets Program is also offered during the summer months at a summer camp located at RMC. After completion cadets receive two co-op high school credits and get this — they also get paid to go.”
At both the regular and summer program — not only do cadets learn the importance of drill but also things like sailing and seamanship.
This is a ship sheer — used to help transfer a load from a boat to a dock.
Hamza Jalaluddin/Cadet:
“Basically you have blocks and lines. Blocks are used to lift — you have them tied on — and you lift whatever the load is with them and you pull the rope through them.”
Over at the range — these cadets have 5 shots to prove their precision and accuracy.
Madeleine Larocque/Cadet:
“They make groupings on pieces of paper. And according to the diameter that the grouping is — they can get a certain level. The smaller that the grouping is, the better level that you’ll get.”
The Royal Canadian Sea Cadets Corps St.Lawrence will be celebrating its 75th anniversary next month with an annual review ceremony which includes band demonstrations. a parade and awards.
As for Anstey, he says when he leaves the program at 19, he has big plans.
“I am hoping to go into the military as a naval officer.”

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