Lady Clippers Open Season

Kingston, ON, Canada / CKWS TV

They compete in the Ottawa-Carleton premier women’s soccer league…..
the Kingston Clippers have put together a very strong squad and look forward to there season opener on Sunday against the Ottawa Falcons…

Laura Callender/

“Ya, were really excited, we have all our players back in town now so the practises have been good and were all excited to get playing soccer again because for a lot of us its been since last November that we’ve had a good competitive match so were really excited…we’ve been practising for almost a month now–were getting used to the other players–the mingling has been good and having that team chemistry with the Queen’s girls is nice and we’ll just build of it and with the other players–its been really good.”

Callender is one of the many players from Queen’s..with so much talent on the field the Clippers are under pressure to do well this season


“Its pressure in a good way–I think we’ve been in this league for a few years and its nice to be able to compete for the top spot in the league this year and I think we have the players to do it so its really exciting that it’s in reach for us and I think we’ll keep that as our goal during the year to help us get there.’
Emma Lefevbre/

“Oh my goodness we’ve been practising so hard and were all so excited to get the season underway and play our first game this Sunday.”

Thats Emma Lefevbre–the former Kingston United star now plays for the Ottawa Gee-Gees–she too can’t wait for the season to begin


“Ya, I’m really excited personally to get started this season..I’ve been out of playing for about a month now because of exams so UI’m so happy to come back and I really think that were going to be an awesome team with all the players from different universities so I think we’ll do pretty well this season and I’m really looking forward to the home opener and getting a competitive game in.”

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