St. Peter Catholic school students open time capsule

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A lot can change in 25 years… and today students at St. Peter Catholic school had a chance to see just how much.
They opened up a time capsule that was sealed up in one of the school’s walls for the last quarter century.
Darryn Davis has more…

This box has been sealed in a wall at St. Peter Catholic school since 1991.
What the time capsule holds is a mystery and there’s a sense of anticipation as it’s opened.
Joe Hamilton was the principal all those years ago.
” It’s good to see how things happened in the past as well, I mean our future’s built on the past. I enjoyed it.”
The capsule contained student art work, a school t-shirt from the day and lots of school pictures.
“Right here the one with the big bangs, yeah just memories, good memories.”
Dezurae Tordoff was in grade 8 when they created the time capsule.
” I remember like doing this…but yeah I had no clue what was in there so it was a real treat.”
“The time capsule also contains some things that were almost like mysteries to St. Peter’s current students, like this exercise book and the vhs tape.
Equally impressive is that the school still has a working vcr.”
A moving, speaking archive of school life from the early 90’s.
The capsule also contained some random items — like this milk carton
” It was pretty surprising how the milk looked and how cheap stuff was back then.”
“The shirt.
What did you like about the shirt?
It had some pink on it.”
The capsule was opened just before St. Peter closes its doors for good in June.
But it’s not stopping current students from putting together a new time capsule.
“On our school closing or our school retirement celebration which is June 4th we’ll be putting together a new time capsule that will go over to the new school.”
And ideas for that one are already in the works.
” I kind of want to put one of our shirts from St. Peter’s in there.”
And while the Kingscourt school is closing, it may live on in some other form.
The city has expressed an interest in buying the property for community uses.
Darryn Davis CKWS news Kingston.


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