State of emergency declared in Prince Edward County

Kingston, ON, Canada / CKWS TV
State of emergency declared in Prince Edward County

Bruce Insley, Area resident:
“There’s a walkway along the shore here that connects the docks and that and they’re probably a foot under water or so.”

Wellington residents like Bruce Insley are dealing with some of the highest water levels Prince Edward County has seen in over 40 years.

Bruce Insley, Area resident:
“People are prepared, they got some sandbags, everyone has a couple or three sump-pumps .”

Docks have disappeared, fire pits and benches have been swallowed up… boats stored on the shore are now in the water.

As Lake Ontario water levels surpass 75 metres, a new record for the month of May, the county has declared a state of emergency.

Mayor Robert Quaiff:
“…so that we can have a mechanism in place to be able to reach out for additional resources and those resources could also be for financial aid for the private residents around Prince Edward County that are going to sustain damage.”

Resources which include an RCMP drone and a helicopter to survey the flooded shoreline.
County officials are still deciding whether the military needs to be called in.

Mayor Robert Quaiff:
“Prince Edward County is the largest senior population based in Ontario and I don’t want my seniors put in jeopardy or at risk, shoveling sandbags and deploying the sandbags and all that.”

And Lake levels aren’t likely to go down anytime soon.

Terry Murphy, Quinte Conservation
“You’ve got more water coming in than can get out, it’s very simple and there’s no where to go but up. So the problem is by the time all that water recedes we could be in the middle of June or July before we’re even close to normal.”

The municipality has provided about 23 thousand sandbags to residents, who watch the water creep closer to their homes.

Wayne Burtch, Area Resident:
“We’ve been joking that I can almost dock at my deck with a boat– but it’s not that high yet.”

At the Prince Edward Yacht Club — it’s hard to see where the lake ends and the parking lot begins.

Angus Ross, Yacht Services Director
“If this keeps up for another month we’re going to have moorings under water and nowhere to put the boats.”

All County residents can do is have faith that if things get worse the newly declared state of emergency will provide an extra pillar of support.
-Jonna Semple, CKWS News, Prince Edward County

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