4 killed, 2 injured in fiery 401 crash

Kingston, ON, Canada / CKWS TV

Police are still trying to identify four people — who died in a fiery crash on the 401 near Kingston overnight. A total of 7 vehicles were involved in the pile-up — which happened around 1:30 this morning in the westbound lanes near Joyceville Road. All four victims were trapped in one of the cars… When it crashed and burned. As Maegen Kulchar reports, the area remains closed to traffic while police investigate.

The aftermath was horrific.  Early thursday morning a smoking, charred car frame sat on a section of highway 401 just East of Kingston.  Inside the car…..four people were incinerated.

Roop Sandhu, OPP:
“The four people that were deceased were all in one vehicle. The vehicle did become engulfed and the investigation is still continuing.”

Police say the fire was so intense it may take time to identify the victims. Even identifying the car is difficult. Investigators have to use the car’s VIN number, since the license plates were burned.
Police believe it was a chain reaction crash involving another car that veered far off the highway and into some trees, 4 tractor trailers, and an armoured truck that now lays on its side.
Two people in the armoured vehicle had to be cut from the wreckage… and were taken to hospital with serious injuries. By daybreak, the search for the cause of the deadly crash was underway.

Roop Sandhu, OPP:
“Our traffic collision investigators are on scene to determine any information that they can about the cause of the collision, about the position of the vehicles based on witness statements and the evidence at the scene, to determine a cause and hopefully because of the charred vehicle, to try and get as much information about the vehicle and the passengers inside.”

Due to the severity of the accident the Westbound lanes of highway 401 near Joyceville Road, remained closed for most of the day… and traffic rerouted onto secondary roads.  This same stretch of highway was the scene of a fatal crash and chemical spill 2 months ago… prompting local mayors to lobby the province for driving restrictions to be imposed during bad weather. But in this case, that likely would not have helped, since weather does not appear to be a factor in the crash.  Maegen Kulchar, CKWS News Kingston.

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