Kingston businessmen cyber scammed

Kingston, ON, Canada / CKWS TV

Two kingston businessmen are getting a tough lesson on cyber security.
Two days ago Tommy’s Place and Inkwell Tattoo’s lost control of all their social media sites.
The hackers have now contacted the two business partners demanding money.
Darryn Davis has more.


“I’m the son of a prostitute.”
“What an original insult.”
They would be almost laughable if business owners Tommy Hunter and Jason Goettler hadn’t lost control of their business social media sites to hackers.
Hunter owns the restaurant Tommy’s Place, and he also co-owns Inkwell Tattoo’s with Goettler.
jason goettler/inkwell tattoos and piercings
“I knew within like 6 minutes that we’d been kicked out. Contacted Tommy – did you have like an old phone that somebody got ahold of or did something happen. ”
The men believe the hackers got control of their business instagram and facebook pages through links to Hunter’s personal facebook account.
“Jason he went on his personal account and messaged the new administrators who had taken over our account and that’s when we discovered it was people maliciously doing it and then trying to extort money from us to get our pages back.”
The two men think the hackers are from the middle east… after they were asked to wire 150 dollars in ransom money.
“It’s nothing like peanuts. They asked me to send money through Western Union to a city in Jordan”
“But I’m not prepared to pay 150 dollars without having some guarantee that I’m going to get what’s been stolen back.”
“Goettler and Hunter say they need this resolved quickly.
Both businesses rely heavily on social media for advertising events and booking appointments with clients.”
“Even with my staff and the sports teams I sponsor, you know that’s where we post memo’s.
That’s where we post schedules in various groups and they were all shutdown. ”
Police say there are some basic rules to follow when trying to maintain your cyber security like not answering e-mails from unknown sources… don’t give out personal information …and change your passwords regularly.
“Put a dollar sign or some sort of different character in there, add some numbers don’t use your personal name in your passwords.” The business owners have reached out to facebook to regain control of their sites.
But so far without success.
Darryn Davis CKWS news Kingston.

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