Senior Grenadiers Ready to Go!

Kingston, ON, Canada / CKWS TV

The Ontario Junior Football League opens on Saturday for the Limestone District Grenadier’s…the varsity G-men are on the road…playing the Niagara Spears in St.Catharines.

Damon Fair/

“I think were going to be ready for the game–we’ve all been working since winter and were starting to really come together and I think were going to be able to do what we need to do to win the game.”

Fair is coming off his first year with the OUA Windsor Lancers and the coaching staff looks to the Belleville native for veteran leadership


“Ya, I think they expect that from me, especially playing at a higher level and coming here and sharing that with some of the younger players.’
Zack Pelehos/

“The Grenadier’s have been a big part of my football career for sure..they’ve developed a lot of the skills I have today that I did’nt think I could possibly have..I started out playing football for fun and now I’ve turned it into a career, going off to university for it so the Grenadiers has been a large aspect of that..they back me up all the way and taught me a lot.”

Pelehos is from Gananoque–he’s committed this fall to the Ottawa Gee Gees–the monster offensive lineman credits his coaching staff for his success in the gridiron game


“Offensive line coaches especially have a been a big part to me..a lot of people have taken an interest to me–saying I’m a big guy and seeing a lot of potential in me—they really like to see where we can go–not only just me –there’s a lot of us who are dedicated to the sport and they just want to see us have fun and see us do our best.”

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