“The Breakout Project” is all about Social Innovation at Kingston’s Fort Henry

Kingston, ON, Canada / CKWS TV

It’as being billed as the largest social innovation event in the country.     Kingston is playing host to “The Breakout Project”.     Here’s Mike Postovit.


We’ve seen the signs for weeks — now it’s finally here.     Welcome to the “Breakout Project” — happening at Fort Henry.     The 3 day — 48 hour event combines a little of everything — but social innovation is the bottom line.

Grant Goodwin/”The Breakout Project”

“The Breakout Project is about bringing the four key ingredients to scale — you need to have lots of money, lots of amazing people to work for you and you need everybody to know about you — you need the connections to get things done quickly and you need awareness.”

Many have called this Kickstarter live and an innovation conference on steroids.     7 teams are taking part.


“They arrived here yesterday — they all had 4 to 10 different members on their team.     They were put on stage and they told us about their projects.

4 teams are based in Kingston including this one.     It’s called “b-True”.

Const. Josh Conner/Team Leader

“We’re a partnership between the Kingston Police and the Boys and Girls Club of Kingston.
We’re trying to build on the success that we’ve had with the police athletics league and the youth police academy — bring that across North America.     We want to build a tool box in a digital platform so police and clubs and youth can engage each other and continue the success we’ve started here in Kingston.


“If you had a great idea — and you don’t get moving on it quickly the world would change even before you got big enough to see it as reality.     So now as we try to solve problems in the world we’re going to scale-up businesses and organizations to solve those problems just like the best innovators in the world do.”

The Breakout Project will wrap up Friday night with a free concert at Market Square featuring Sam Roberts.     Mike Postovit, CKWS News, Kingston.

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