7th annual Science Rendezvous brings thousands of curious minds to the KRC

Kingston, ON, Canada / CKWS TV

KINGSTON – From skilled robotics…To an out of this world ‘Chemistry Magic Show’.

“When I got here I was like Oh yeah! This is going to be fun!”

This year’s Science Rendezvous did not disappoint.

Lynda Colgan/Organizer, Science Rendezvous:
“A lot of children have misconceptions about what scientists look like. They think they all look like Albert Einstein with the crazy hair. We try to show the children that scientists come in all shapes and sizes.”

And hundreds of local scientists filled the Rogers KRC to captivate kids with unique experiments.

“My favourite so far is probably the kaleidoscopes and how you see all the pictures and you can spin around the mirrors and see all the cool colours. It’s amazing.”

The perfect day for the inner whiz kid in all of us.

“I never really liked science before but I find this year I’ve enjoyed it. I’m really into chemistry and stuff like that.”

To get older kids active and interested at the same time, there’s this unique creation — ‘The Solar Spin’.

Dorianne Sager/Solar Spin:
“They like to talk on their phones. They still want to be connected to their friends. So we’ve given them the opportunity for them to connect with each other and connect their phones with our pedal power generator.”

Meaning all it takes is a little bit of foot work to get your electronic device charged.

The Solar Spin is just one of the dozens of interactive displays offered at the bustling event.

Heather Senoran/Videographer:
“The Science Rendezvous keeps getting bigger and better each year.
When it started, 7 years ago attendance was only 500 people in total.
Last year there was more than 42 hundred and this year within the first 90 minutes more than 1600 people walked through the doors.”

Whether it’s Science, Technology, Engineering or Mathematics — the rendezvous gives families the chance to not only see science up close and personal — but with all the hands on experiments– they get to do science too.

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