Heritage Resource Centres’ Speakers Series Features Kingston Wartime Buildings

Kingston, ON, Canada / CKWS TV

The Kingston Heritage Resource Centre is getting ready for another in it’s speakers series.     Local historian Peter Gower will be featured as he talks about the city’s wartime buildings – World War One that is.     Here’s Mike Postovit.


Whether it’s Kingston City Hall and Memorial Hall.     This limestone building on Queen’s Street.
Or here — at the Tourism Information Centre.     All have ties with the “Great War” and of course Kingston’s past.

Peter Gower/Author/Historian

“A hundred years ago I would have been standing in the middle of quite a large railway setting.
Behind me is the K. & P. station which was the station that people living up in Frontenac County would travel down to Kingston using.     Further over would be the Grand Trunk line — and that was the line that went from what is now Frankie Pesto’s restaurant out to the Outer Station — and sometimes the carriage you were on would then be hooked-on to the train — sometimes you would have to change at that station.”

Over 25 sites will be hi-lited in the talk including this structure located on the Kingston waterfront.
This is actually a memorial to Captain George Richardson.


“This is the Richardson bathing house — we’re on the lake side of it, which is probably the side that very few people see — but it’s what it was built for.     When George was killed in 1916 he was unmarried and he left his money to a variety of causes — one of them — he remembered swimming in Kingston and so he left money for a bath house to be built.”

With-in metres of the bathhouse is the Gaskin Lion — just as popular today as it was when it was first put in place nearly 110 years ago.     Gower says old photographs certainly add to a more historic picture.


“A young lad named Billy Bishop after the war — he and his friend Billy Barker decided to set-up a flying company to take aerial photographs and so we’ve got a series of aerial photographs of Kingston in 1919 which are absolutely fascinating because we see so much more of what there is and what there was at the time and how things have changed.

Gower’s presentation is set for May 25th in Memorial Hall.     Mike Postovit, CKWS News, Kingston

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