Loyalist shooting club up and running in Brockville

Kingston, ON, Canada / CKWS TV

The loyalist shooting club opened its doors in February …. and this weekend, there was a public open house to show off their state of the art shooting range.
Darryn Davis toured the facility today.



With about 25 members and the doors just opening earlier this year the not for profit Loyalist shooting club is in its infancy.
But the club boasts a state of the art shooting range and world class instructors.
“Primarily retired Canadian armed forces, senior, non commissioned officers and officers who were operating in the special forces world. ”
And the reason the shooting club has access to such highly qualified staff is because they are tenants at this old school in the north end of Brockville.
The property and the shooting range is owned by Reticle Ventures Canada.
The business specializes in providing a wide range of training for police forces and members of the military
“We can make it pitch black in here, or we can make it lit up like day, we have the ability to have police lights going off in the back ground, you can pump in music to raise the stress level. ”
A little more than what the average gun enthusiast needs, but the targets are also programmable for distance …and how long you have to shoot at the target.
“I would be standing here getting ready to engage the target, potentially with a pistol, the target would present I would engage, it would go away, I’m not sure present, engage.” “This is what the shooting range looks from the outside the state of the art facility is unique in the country.
It was originally built for the federal government to train Canadian border guards.”
Two were built, one in Ottawa and one in Chilliwack, B-C.
“We were able to purchase the one located at the Ottawa airport and deconstructed it and brought it here and reconstructed it here and the other one I know has gone back to the U.S. ”
The Loyalist shooting club is open Monday and Wednesday evenings … and Saturdays.
Darryn Davis CKWS news Brockville.


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