Paul Ragusa Kingston Hall of Fame

Kingston, ON, Canada / CKWS TV

He’s now a member of the Kingston and District Sports Hall of Fame.
Paul Ragusa was a wrestling champion on the provincial-national and international stage…..starring for Holy Cross, McMaster University and Team Canada…

Paul Ragusa/

“I could’nt have accomplished any of this without the community of Kingston and the people of it..really this community raised me as an athlete and who I am today.”
At the induction banquet, Ragusa thanked a lot of people…but especially his long time coach—Tom Mastantuono…


“Tom is the major reason I got in the sport and kept me in it–he’s done so much for me –he really taught me how to be a competitor and I can’t begin to say the amount of lessons he taught me over the years but he’s a big part of my success–not just at the local level but at the national and international level.”

Ragusa was a provincial high school champion—a 5-time university gold medalist at McMaster–competed in Commonwealth, Pan-Am and the Olympic games in Atlanta in 1996..


“It was an honor–speaking of Tom–Tom gave me the belief that I could be an Olympian and when I became one–part of me felt that it was giving back to all the people that helped me get there–I really wanted to give back to the community and everyone who got me there.”

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