Wolfe Island community washed out from flooding on Easy Lane

Kingston, ON, Canada / CKWS TV

WOLFE ISLAND –┬áThis is Easy Lane on Wolfe Island but passing through is anything but easy.
Due to severe flooding — you can’t drive it without a big truck.
Behind the wheel is Jerry Moore, he says it’s been a tough time for the community.
Jerry Moore/Easy Lane Resident:
“It’s not just the water. The roads underneath are starting to wash away. In smaller vehicles you’ll actually start slipping on the surface.”
Heather Senoran/Videographer:
“Right now I’m walking down Easy Lane and as you can it is indeed completely flooded. The water has actually started to seep in through the top of boots. If this water gets any higher it will make it nearly impossible for homeowners to get to and from their properties.”
A big concern for Margaret Webb and her partner.
They built this house less than a year ago on Easy Lane.
“It’s been emotionally…very difficult.”
They’ve already spent thousands of dollars trying to protect their home by sand bagging the perimeter.
This is their driveway — completely washed away.
Margaret Webb/Easy Lane Resident:
“If we can’t keep up with the water coming in. It’s game over. We’re not going to risk our life defending our house but we’re coming pretty damn close.”
Webb and close to two dozen other residents are lobbying the Township Council -for more help.
They’d like council to declare a state of emergency, a plan Mayor Denis Doyle says he is all for.
Denis Doyle/Mayor:
“We have to engage various people within the provincial government. If we do that we’ll get assistance from the province and federal government.”
But Doyle admits the process takes time. Something that residents like Webb don’t have.
“We love it here. We hope we can come back. We hope we can get through it. This is everything. This is our dream house.”
The dream now feels more like a nightmare as Webb and many other residents can’t do much but wait and hope the tide turns in their favour.

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