Gary Oosterhof wins Countryside councillor seat

Kingston, ON, Canada / CKWS TV

With 7 names on the ballot, voters in countryside district had plenty of choices.
In the end, it was well-known businessman and electrician Gary Oosterhof who won the by-election — by just 10 votes over his nearest rival, retired soldier Louis Cyr.
“The campaign and my fellow candidates as well have been great, I really appreciate all of them. so for a first time campaign i’m blown away by the support. ”
Cyr says he accepts the results … but adds he’s not done with municipal politics.
“I’ve received a lot of support from e-mails and phone calls last night and today and people say being disappointed but at the same time asking me to keep going and to run again, so my intent at this time is to run in 2018.”
Just over 23-hundred people cast a ballot in this by-election … one third of eligible voters.
By-elections traditionally have a lower voter turnout than general elections — but not by much in this case.
The mayor credits the convenience of on-line voting — first introduced in the 2014 election.
“We had it for a longer period of time, right through election day as well and so we got a lot of great feedback and you know what the turn out for a by-election in municipal government was actually quite high. ”
Oosterhof says he’s ready to represent Kingston’s rural voice.
… adding he supports the third bridge crossing, and heard a lot about road infrastructure during the campaign.
He also wants to see traffic lights built at the intersection of highway 38 and unity road.
“It is a real safety issue for people who travel it’s a main thoroughfare and it’s a challenging intersection with the number of heavy trucks that are going through there. ”
“The election results aren’t even 24 hours old but Oosterhof says the work begins right away.
Although he’s not sworn in until June he plans to attend tonights city council meeting.
Darryn Davis CKWS news Kingston”

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