Kingston’s Fort Henry Gets Ready for Another Summer Tourist Season

Kingston, ON, Canada / CKWS TV

Kingston’s largest tourist attraction officially opens for another season later this week.     Fort Henry will come alive starting this Saturday.     The limestone landmark was first opened as a living museum back in 1938 and well — the rest is history.     Here’s Mike Postovit.


It isn’t your typical orientation.     But then again — this isn’t your typical place to work.

Hundreds of hopefuls applied but only a handful were accepted.

Jeff McPherson/Recruit

“It may not look like fun marching — I’m sure some people love it a little less than me but.
My feet are hurting — it’s warm and it’s amazing — it’s so cool.”

That’s “Soldier in Training” Jeff McPherson.     This is his 1st year here — he’s heading into his 2nd year at Queen’s — and wearing that red tunic means he becomes a 2nd generation member of the Guard.


“I just love history — it’s cool, and this is the best job for that — there’s nothing else like it.
To actually be a Guard at Fort Henry — to be able to fire a Snider Enfield rifle, to be able to scale the rampart and be able to fire a cannon — I don’t think there’s anywhere else I could do that.”

Laura Buehler/Recruit

“To be frank — I applied thinking it work be very, very cool to work here — but I don’t even think I’m going to get an interview.”

As it turned-out Laura Buehler got her interview — and obviously those in charge liked what they saw.

“So it’s very surreal to be hired.     I liked the atmosphere here that was what I was intrigued with — when I came to see the sunset ceremonies during the summer — my immediate impression was I want to do that or that would be cool to do.

And now that dream is a reality.      The new recruits have been at it for just 6 days now — and all on this parade square know this is a work in progress.

Kateri Allard/Guard Captain

“This is a really, really good group — I think they’re doing really, really well.     After day one I was really, really proud of them.     They’re marching really strong — they’re already sweating after a few minutes of training — and they’re working really- really hard.     And I’m excited to see how far they’re going to get.”

All involved put their newly acquired skills on public display starting this Saturday.     Mike Postovit, CKWS News, Kingston

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