Meet the Student Achievers from the LDSB

Kingston, ON, Canada / CKWS TV

KINGSTON –┬áIt’s an exciting night for Isabelle Burns as she’s one of 10 students being awarded the Limestone Student Achievers Award.
Isabelle Burns/Grade 12 Student, BSS:
“I try to help out with as much as I can. So I guess someone noticed that. I do a lot of behind the scenes work so I never expected to be honoured for that type of thing.”
Students were nominated by teachers and principals and must demonstrate achievement in at least 3 of the following categories: the arts, athletics, leadership and academic standing.
Heather Highet/Principal, BSS:
“When we were putting her name in and writing the citation for Isabelle it really became clear she’s outstanding in all of those areas.”
Some of these students have a long list of extra-circular activities to add to their resume — like Frontenac Secondary Student, Abby Ross.
Abby Ross/Grade 12 Student, Frontenac:
“I’m on the field hockey team, swim team, I also teach swimming as a job. I used to figure skate professionally as well. Also involved in the arts at my school. I’m in the jazz band. I play the clarinet and saxophone.”
While KCVI’s David Sahai’s strongest suit is his leadership.
David Sahai/Grade 12 Student, KCVI:
“Children and our youth are the future of our society so it’s very important to establish those leadership skills at a young age. Because even at a young age we can make tremendous change in our society.”
All of these award winners are in Grade 12 and will be graduating in the next month –… so what’s next?
“I’m going into nursing next year in University.”
“I’m probably going to Guelph and studying Biomedical Science.”
“I haven’t decided which University yet but I’m hoping to become a doctor eventually.”
Armed with a crowd full of overwhelming support from friends and family — Sky’s the limit for these great achievers.

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