Kingston Krossfire Bantams

Kingston, ON, Canada / CKWS TV

The summer is a busy time for young athletes in the Kingston-area….there’s so many sports and activities to choose from…
The Krossfire Bantam all-stars are doing extremely well in the Ottawa-District Lacrosse Association….the boys–12 and 13 years of age are off to a surprising 5-0 start…..

Ethan Olejnik/

“Well we’ve been doing well in past years–were getting a lot better–we have some new players–a new goalie which boosts our team so I kind of expected we might start the season off pretty well but 5-0 is a big surprise

Jeff Wills/

“Were starting to figure out defense–were playing in some really tight games–very low scoring games because were playing really good defense.”


“Were one giant family–we all have respect for each other and that boosts our team morale which helps us win games…our coaches are extremely passionate about this sport and the people who play it and it just drives the team forward.”


“There all playing for the love of the game..its not like hockey where your dreaming of millions of dollars–the best lacrosse players in the world still have second jobs so that does’nt come into it–there absolutely playing for the love of the game and I’m coaching for the love of the game so were all in it together.”

And together–they win and lose as a team…coach Wills number one priority is teaching his troops about respect…respect for their team-mates–opponents–officials and most important…respect for the game of lacrosse…


“I think I harp on most is the relationship they have with each other..I’ve coached teams with all the talent in the world and the kids hated each other and it was a miserable season…I told them the most important thing is that you guys form a bond–become a family–love each other–love the game and everything will flow from there so my goal is that they buy into that and if they buy into that, there going to get better at lacrosse.”

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