Township of Frontenac Islands declares emergency

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The township of Frontenac Islands is preparing for the worst.
Council has declared a state of emergency and is now coordinating with the province.
There are concerns that possible strong winds could impact ferry service to Howe and Simcoe islands.
Darryn Davis was on Wolfe Island today and files this update…


It’s become an all too familiar picture in the region of late….carp swimming on what used to be a road.
Easy Lane resident Gordon Cobain is just barely holding on.
His yard is completely flooded but so far his house is dry.
“I’ve got five sump pumps running 24 hours a day, two outside the rest inside in the crawl space and so far the house is dry, hopefully it will stay dry. ”
Neighbour Nancy Lyons is sleep deprived from being on a 24 hour watch as well protecting her property.
“Big industrial pumps and hoses and we had to man them pretty much every two hours to fill them with gas and three hundred bucks a day just on the gas itself.”
“We figure right now it’s probably up to around 10 thousand dollars ”
With strong winds expected the Township of Frontenac Islands has now declared a state of emergency.
They are also working with the province to get disaster recovery assistance for Ontarians
“It’s not automatic when you declare an emergency that it happens but it brings more attention to it and we’re hopeful that the province will agree to that.”
It’s feared the winds could interrupt ferry service to Simcoe and Howe islands.
“The cables and the docks for those services were designed when the water was much lower and now basically we can’t reach what’s the new shoreline. ”
“Cobain says it’s a constant battle replacing the sand bags that get worn away as the waves come up against his wall protecting his property he says what he really needs now is help.”
“Even volunteering for a few hours makes such a big difference and I know between a couple of neighbours and myself we share the effort sometimes and a few more people would definitely help out.”
Volunteers can now register at the township offices on Wolfe Island.
“One of the benefits of declaring the emergency is volunteers can get the same liability protection as municipal staff.”
Officials also say wells may also have been contaminated and are encouraging residents to test their drinking water.
Darryn Davis CKWS news Wolfe Island.

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