Defence Minister visits Kingston to announce tax relief for deployed military personnel

Kingston, ON, Canada / CKWS TV

KINGSTON – The Minister of National Defence was in Kingston to attend today’s RMC convocation. In an interview with media prior to the ceremony, Harjit Sajjan talked about a new tax exemption. He says any Canadian soldier or police officer deployed by the government… Will soon be getting some tax relief. The details will be fully unveiled in June …. And will apply to all personnel or officers sent overseas for international operations. Sajjan says the so-called “hardship allowance” will be given to those facing particularly dangerous assignments. The new measure is expected to cost about 85 million over the next 5 years. Sajjan says it’s all part of a defence policy review that he’s calling a ‘reset’ for the military.

Harjit Sajja/Defence Minister:

“We have a responsibility to the world. We can’t be an island of disability and an ocean of turmoil. We have to do our part. So that’s one of the reasons we looked at all aspects of what a Canadian Armed Forces Responsibilities are going to be. But then we looked at, from there, that reset is, looking at all the capabilities that are going to be needed to making sure our personnel has everything they need to fulfil these missions.”

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