High school students explore health sciences at Queen’s University

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Queen’s University and the Canadian Medical Hall of Fame have partnered once again for the seventh annual “Discovery Days.”
About 100 high school students had a chance to check out some of the university’s cutting edge health science labs and develop a greater understanding of the career opportunities in the field.
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“Discovery Days” is about encouraging students to consider pursuing an education in health sciences.
“The workshops that the students will attend vary through out the day so I know there’s one on medical skills, cardiovascular training, obstetrics so it really is a wide gambit of experiences.”
And part of that exploration of the field is the opportunity to try out some Queen’s clinical simulation labs.
” I think it’s pretty exciting for them to see the way that we train. you know, all of those health care professionals.”
“Dr. Simpson says the health sciences is a field where there are numerous career opportunities and there is always a need for young up and coming professionals.”
“It’s an aging population and there’s going to be increasing demands as we go forward so the more excited we can make the young people and interested in this sort of thing the better.”
Mostly grade 11 students many of them are here for discovery days because they’ve expressed an interest in some aspect of the health sciences.
“I’m hopefully going to become a paramedic one day and I’m also interested in finding out other medical fields and maybe I’ll want to go into one of them instead. ”
“It definitely gave me a taste of…learning about plant life and the water eco-system and diversity and that type of stream, it definitely caught my interest and that’s why I plan to pursue it.”
Queen’s university is one of thirteen university’s across the country to partner with the Canadian Medical Hall of Fame to offer the discovery days experience.
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