Officials continue to monitor water levels near Howe Island Ferry Docks

Kingston, ON, Canada / CKWS TV

Officials continue to monitor high water levels near the Howe Island ferry docks.  With Lake Ontario at record high levels — part of the dock on county road 37 is submerged.  The 3-car cable ferry is anchored to the shore but it’s getting difficult to dock the boat properly.  Officials have weighted down the ferry to keep it lower in the water.  It remains in service for now but things could change if levels continue to rise.  As for the larger township-operated ferry – it’s in better shape because there’s more room at that dock.  Officials warn that if water levels get much higher – the county ferry may have to be pulled out of service.

Denis Doyle/Frontenac Islands Mayor
“We’re monitoring it closely, trying to keep those ferries going as long as possible but we do have plans in place should we have to shut them down. At this level we can copy but if it goes up much further we’re in serious trouble.”

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