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Former Queen’s wide receiver Scott Macdonnel was back in town….taking in a Thousand Island’s Minor Football League contest…now a member of the Ottawa Redblacks….Macdonnel had some words of wisdom for the kids playing the gridiron game…

Scott Macdonell/

“Its like a micro-cosim for life–a lot of what I learn in life comes from football–lots of lessons–things like that..there’s a ton of talent that comes from Kingston–its a small town but they’ve produced Brent Johnston, Rob Bagg, Matt O’Donnell but if you want it bad enough and you enjoy playing–there’s no reason why you can’t come here and learn and expand your knowledge and continue to grow in football.”

Macdonell is entering his 4th season with the Redblacks and he’s hoping to play a bigger role with CFL champions


“Football’s a team sport–you have to know your role and be able to step up when it matters and do what it is that the teams needs you to do to win so ultimately that’s the goal –obviously, selfishly I’d love to play as much as I can and do my part as much as I can –that being said you just have to take it one day at a time and when your time comes to shine, make sure your ready so you’ll have to get ready

Macdonell played 5 seasons with the Queen’s Gaels–his goal was to win a Vanier Cup….that did’nt pan out—but capturing the Grey Cup was a wonderful consolation prize


“It was kind of cool to see my name on there–for my family too–everybody on the Macdonell side–they can look at see the name on there–obviously winning a championship is nice in itself –the hardware–the Cup..that’s a positive but just being with that group of guys and being able to say that you did it–being champions–to work hard–its something bigger than yourself–I mean that means the world.”

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