Lemoine Point Tree Sale A Success

Kingston, ON, Canada / CKWS TV

Dozens of residents flocked to Lemoine Point’s Native Plant Nursery for their annual plant sale.

Whether it be maple, birch, oak, or willow…. Over 50 species can be found among the rows of trees, most planted from seed.
The trees are grown to plant in the area’s conservation area… but the leftovers are sold for the low price of 12 dollars each to help support the volunteer organization.
Volunteer David McMurray says buying native trees not only supports local, but also promises success.

David McMurray/ Volunteer, Lemoines Point Native Plant Nursery:
“The benefit to buying native plants, is that they’re, you know they are going to grow in this area.
A lot of plants that have been imported from the United States or from other growing zones, are not going to do well.
But a plant, that’s grown from seed, as many of ours are, that were gathered here at Lemoine, is going to do well.”


If you missed today’s sale, the nursery is open every Wednesday from 9am until noon.

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