Brockville General Hospital hires new CEO

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After several months of searching — Brockville General Hospital has hired a new chief executive.
Though he doesn’t officially take over until mid-July — Darryn Davis takes a closer look at the new CEO’s priorities.

The process of finding a new CEO for Brockville General Hospital has been a lengthy one, starting this past January.
But the hospitals provincially appointed supervisor Kevin Empey says he thinks they’ve found the right person for the job in Nick Vlacholias.
“He’s willing to make the
arguments when they’re necessary right, to make sure that he works to do the right thing, but he succeeds to engage people which is what Brockville really needs.”
Vlacholias is a senior vice president and the chief financial officer at the Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario in Ottawa.
Prior to that he was in Cornwall where the hospital there went through similar changes that are taking place in Brockville.
“We had a two site model and we found that it was an inefficient model from a quality of care perspective and also from a monetary perspective.”
Vlacholias takes over as the hospital has been working towards eliminating last years 5 million dollar operating defecit.
Under Empey the hospital has been able to reduce that by 2 million dollars but last week over a dozen staff members were laid off.
“We’re eliminating 14 jobs. we’re counting on most of those people will be able to take early retirement, which means they’ll still be productive citizens in town not unemployed.”
“the hospitals new CEO says one of his first priorities when he takes over will be identifying the impact the provinces new funding formula will have here at Brockville general hospital.”
“To examine how we fit within the formula and how we best utilize our current information to best improve our funding mechanisms. ”
and as Vlacholias works towards balancing the books he says it’s not his primary concern.
“The focus is really going to be on quality of care and the quality of our services for the community and they deserve that so that’s going to be our focus here in Brockville.” Vlacholias officially takes over as the hospitals new CEO July 17th.
Darryn Davis CKWS News Brockville.

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