Clippers looking good!

Kingston, ON, Canada / CKWS TV

There’s premier women’s soccer on Sunday afternoon…4 o’clock at Richardson Stadium……The Kingston Clippers will play the Ottawa Falcons…

Lidia Bradau/

“It’s pretty early in and were still fairly new to each other but I think overall it’s been going really well–I think we have a pretty strong chemistry within the team and were on the same page as to the type of style we want to play and we work hard all the time so its been going really well.”

Matija Skoka/

“Everyone is on the same page–were all here to work hard and get better and thats a great mentality to have..practises are intense and there a lot of fun and were at the level if your still playing right now its competitive and intense and I think we do a great job of maintaining that and so its great to be here–its a great enviroment–everyone is super friendly and its nice to be around everyone.”

The Clippers entered the season as one of the favourites to win the Ottawa-Carleton League championship…


“I think its also a motivational thing to have a target on your back–you want to be the best team always–but we dont go into a game with that mentality at all–we’ve played some very strong competition and its a very good leaguie to be in so I think we’ve got some tough games ahead of us for sure.”


“We have a reputation–seeing that we have the players that we have so there’s a lot more pressure for sure—the two games that we lost–it was a kick in the butt for us but nobody’s bad..this league is very good.”

After 5-games, the Clippers sport a record of 3-2…a record they strive to improve upon..


“Oh ya, absolutely, every game that’s not a win–you get the feeling that you could have left more out there but honestly the competition has been awesome and I think we’ve grown every game so were looking to cut back on the mistakes from here on in and improve every game.”

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