Councillor Peter Stroud speaks up about pub break during Third Crossing Meeting

Kingston, ON, Canada / CKWS TV

KINGSTON – Two city councillors are under fire after allegedly ducking out of Tuesday`s special council meeting to head to a nearby pub. A concerned resident sent a complaint to the mayor and city clerk after she claims councillors Peter Stroud and Mary Rita Holland were  at a bar on Tuesday night during staff briefings about the third crossing bridge. Stroud says while he admits it was ‘bad from an optics point of view’ —  he and the director of engineering met  ahead of the  council  meeting to discuss the briefing.

Peter Stroud/City Councillor:
“I moved a motion to reduce the length of the meeting by eliminating the briefing — that was defeated. And then when that part of the briefing came up — that I knew I wasn’t going to learn anything from…I just decided — I made my own decision to go take care of my needs. Someone complained. I apologized. She accepted my apology. That’s where we are today.”

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