Invictus Games Canadian Team announced in Kingston

Kingston, ON, Canada / CKWS TV

It was Prince Harry who first introduced the “Invictus Games” to the world in 2014.
The games are about combining sports with the recovery of wounded soldiers — injured while serving their country.
This year, toronto is hosting the competition 100 days from now.
And today, Fort Henry was the back-drop to unveil the Canadian team.
Darryn Davis has more.


A proud moment for the city of Kingston as dozens of Canadian military veterans were named as members of this years team for the Inivictus games.
Retired General and Deputy Minister for Veterans Affairs Walt Natynczyk says the day is personally important to him.
He’s trained and served with many of the athletes on the Invictus team.
“Fitness and sports is like a medicine that motivates these folks to fight through the adversity of their recovery, you know get strong once again.”
Brigadier General Shane Brennan oversees the military’s unit that works with ill and injured military personnel.
“We actually hope that the Invictus games raises the spotlight on the help for the ill and the injured and inspires other people of all walks of life to use sport and fitness as a way to recovery and rehabilitation.”
And the Canadian athletes are inspiring.
former paratrooper Steve Daniel was injured in 2005.
“I had a parachuting accident not too far from here in trenton ontario resulting in a spinal chord injury and paralysis from the waist down. ”
Daniel will be playing basketball at the Invictus games and also competed in the 2008 Beijing Paralympics.
The power of sports, competition and the support of programs like “Soldier On” played an integral role in daniel becoming a family physician in Sudbury.
“Having and injury like this you’re kind of lost, you’re floating you loose your identity as a soldier. Sport often becomes the starting point, it gives you a new sense of purpose new goals.”
Natacha Dupuis is the team Canada co-captain.
She served in Bosnia and did two tours in Afghanistan.
It was during her second tour in Afghanistan the vehicle behind hers struck an IED.
She lost friends and was a first responder at the scene.
The incident left her traumatized.
“I credit soldier on to have saved my life.”
” They were the ones that got me out of the isolation i was in through sports.”
“The Invictus games open on september 23rd in toronto, and the ninety member canadian team will be competing against 16 other countries in a dozen different events.
Darryn Davis CKWS news Kingston.”

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