Local store hopes to educate customers

Kingston, ON, Canada / CKWS TV
Local store hopes to educate customers

A business in downtown Kingston is hoping to create a unique grocery experience for its shoppers.
It’s called “The Grocery Basket” and it not only sells locally produced items, but it’s also trying to educate people on their food and why supporting area farmers is so important. The community based store also offers cooking classes to help turn the food you buy into sustainable meals. ┬áThe owner says shopping local is critical for community growth and sustainability.

Ben Pilon, Co-Owner of The Grocery Basket:

“People really know where things come from, and especially something as critical as food, where you are putting it in your body everyday and we’ve got so many amazing suppliers around here they need outlets in order to be able to push their products and that’s another venue we want to get into.”

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