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The Thousand Islands Minor Football League is enjoying another successful season…..
Last night at Regiopolis we caught up with some of the peewee’s that love to play the gridiron game….

Jackson Stearns/

“Well its fun..I joined because I wanted to play with my friends and I enjoy football…Ya, its just fun to play and I feel like some sports are’nt just physical enough and I like this because I actually get to use my body weight and height to my advantage…in this you have to have strength, speed–you have to know where to go and when and you have to have good hand-eye co-ordination.”

Xander Fowler/

“I’ve been really interested in it–I’ve played it on video games and in my backyard so I got really interested in it and my dad signed me up for it.”

Mason Rice/

“I think its really nice that community can come together and get to know each other..many times you dont know the people in the beginning–you only know a few people that you signed up with but by the end you get to know them really well….this is my first year so I did’nt really know the rules of football ..I watch the NFL a bit but not much so I think this year I learned a lot about it and all the rules and the plays in football.”

Luke Bruder/

“I love this sport because I like to hit–I like to block–I like a lot of stuff about it…I’m not really much of a run type of guy so its more fun for me to be on the defensive or offensive line.”



” I think for my team–number one is having fun…winning comes after that…if were not having fun then, what’s the point”…

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