Maracle and Grens vs Burlington

Kingston, ON, Canada / CKWS TV

Saturday is a big day for the Limestone District senior football Grenadier’s….there up against the Burlington Cougars…4 o’clock at George Richardson Stadium…

Ben Maracle/

“This game is super important because we have to win, I think the next two to make it to the play-offs so if we don’t win this–people are going to anticipate us not making the play-offs…on offense we really need to step it up–we have’nt had the momentum that we’ve had in recent years but I think if we keep going out there with our heads held high and not be negative going into the game we’ll be successful.”

This is Maracle’s 4th year with the Grenadiers—but his first as a senior quarterback—a position he’s always coveted..


“Its a leadership role of course and thats what I love about the game–I love playing his my guys and putting things together as a set of 12 and its great to see them come together.”

Maracle will certainly be looking downfield on Saturday in hopes of connecting with number 6…wide receiver Nick Reyes…


“Nick has been a really big influence on the offense with his speed, agility and his all around skills so he’s a big impact on the offense.”

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